Gym Chalk

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  • It dries the athletes’ palms and ensures a reliable, strong grip for exercises such as deadlifts, pullups etc.
  • It can be used on the athletes’ hands and even on top of the bar itself to allow for better friction between the hands and the bar.
  • The listed price is for a single package that includes eight(8) magnesium carbonate blocks.

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Gym Chalk

If you have ever wondered how to create the ultimate non slip grip we have the solution for you: The GearUp Gym Chalk!

Magnesium carbonate is a white solid that occurs in nature as a mineral.

It is used by gymnasts, rock climbers and weightlifters to absorb sweat and increase friction between the hands and the object in use. chalk allows athletes to stay on the pull-up bar for longer and actually hold the weight they can pull from the ground.

Recommended piece of equipment for powerlifters and olympic weightlifters.

The packaging includes eight(8) magnesium carbonate blocks.

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Additional information

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