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Cable cross smith

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  • Net Weight : 260kg/570lbs
  • Max user weight : 180kg/396lb
  • Weight Stack : 118kg/260lb
  • Assembles Dimensions : 2351 (L) x 1367 (W) x 2159mm(H)

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Cable cross smith

Whether you were looking for ways to save space but not willing to compromise on exercise selection or just wished for a one stop station to get stuff done – look no further!

The Dual Cross Smith brought to you by GearUp will fit all your requirements for an amazing and versatile workout!

With a sturdy Smith machine on its one side and two independent double cable towers on the other side this beautifully versatile training station will give you an excellent workout. With the ability to perform all barbell exercises and all cable exercises in one stop, you have a full training experience in just a few square feet.

On the pulleys’ side you will also find a pullup station that accommodates for neutral grip pullups, regular pullups, chin ups and climber pullups.

Storage-wise there are hooks on both sides of the machine to safely stow away all pulley accessories and on both sides there are double

Olympic plate holders as well for  easy deloading and storage of the weights used on the Smith.

Ideal for personal or small group training studios, commercial gyms and home gyms, the Dual Cross Smith will ensure you have an enjoyable and well-rounded workout.


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Additional information

Weight 200 kg
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