The barbells that you intend to use need to be carefully chosen so that they can last many years of intense use.

Before purchasing a barbell, you need to ensure the type of usage you are willing to make. If you are a novice and want to hone in the technique of the main weightlifting exercises, then we recommend the Technique Bar 7kg. If on the other hand you are a more experienced athlete and want to do CrossFit workouts, then we recommend one of our olympic bars.

Don’t forget to get collars and plates for your bars. In our store we offer plastic collars and 4 different types of weight plates that will definitely meet your needs.

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Crash Mats

496.00 with VAT / 400.00 without VAT

Only 1 left in stock

Jerk Boxes

804.76 with VAT / 649.00 without VAT

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Men’s 20kg Cerakote barbells


Men’s Competition Bar 20kg

297.60 with VAT / 240.00 without VAT

In stock

Technique Bar 7Kg

130.20 with VAT / 105.00 without VAT

In stock

Women’s Cerakote barbells 15Kg

285.00 with VAT / 229.84 without VAT

In stock

Women’s Competition Bar 15kg

272.80 with VAT / 220.00 without VAT

In stock