Training Benches

The training benches can be used for lots of traditional strengthening exercises with dumbbells or a curl bar. Depending on your training needs, a flat bench could prove to be enough.

If not, our adjustable bench with ten(10) positions for its back that can turn from an incline to a decline bench in a heartbeat, will definitely cover your athletic needs.

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Adjustable Training Bench

310.00 with VAT / 250.00 without VAT

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AX Flat Training Bench

148.80 with VAT / 120.00 without VAT

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Flat Training Bench

124.00 with VAT / 100.00 without VAT

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Flat Training Bench 2.0

186.00 with VAT / 150.00 without VAT

Only 6 left in stock

GearUp Alpha Bench

434.00 with VAT / 350.00 without VAT

Only 1 left in stock