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Probably the most important choice ior your gym or training facility after the flooring you are going to be using will be the rig you will be using. We follow a personalized approach to the rig’s design that will best suit your customer’s needs with a wide range of available parts for it.

No matter how you have imagined your ideal rig to be, whether indoors or outdoors, GearUp has the solution for you. If your rig is for a specific use or you would like a custom order for your space, please contact us at +302106616408 or at : sales@gearup.gr.

As for the racks you are going to be using in your gym, we have a wide range of squat racks, plate & bar racks and much much more. Make sure you make the right choice of storage racks to keep your gym or training facility tidy and organized forever.

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GearUp Monster Power Rack

1,200.00 with VAT / 967.74 without VAT

Only 2 left in stock

GearUp Mini Power Rack

870.00 with VAT / 701.61 without VAT

Only 4 left in stock

Vertical Bumper Storage Trolley

78.00 with VAT / 62.90 without VAT

Out of stock

GearUp AX Pullup Bar


GearUp Flexi Rack


Squat Rack

471.20 with VAT / 380.00 without VAT

Out of stock

Split Squat Rack

310.00 with VAT / 250.00 without VAT

Out of stock

Fold Squat Rack

520.80 with VAT / 420.00 without VAT

Out of stock

Dip Station

124.00 with VAT / 100.00 without VAT

Out of stock

Accessory Rack

68.20 with VAT / 55.00 without VAT

Only 7 left in stock

Vertical Barbell Holder


9 Barbell Holder

148.80 with VAT / 120.00 without VAT

In stock