Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are being used by physical therapists for the last several years for methodically strengthening athletes in rehab who have to make a gradual return to activity post-injury.

Their application does not stop there, however. The bands can be used to make several exercises easier for the trainees like pullups or to enhance their difficulty e.g., dips.

All kinds of resistance bands offer athletes an arsenal with innumerable exercises and variations. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the variety only stops where your imagination does!

You can add to the bands’ advantages their portability which distinguishes them from the rest of the training tools out there. With a set of these you can make nature, your balcony and your room your own private gym!

In our store you may find three types of bands: Theraband elastic loops, Theraband bands 1,5m, and our very own GearUp bands.

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