Gym Equipment
GearUp launches three unique pieces of gym equipment in the market oriented towards functional workouts: the single pulley, the dual adjustable and the F9. All of them can easily be used in very small spaces like rooms or garages and simultaneously offer a wide range of exercises.

For example, the F9 has two wardrobe-like doors that can close and make sure the F9 takes up only a small portion of your available space.

This equipment is aimed towards boutique studios, hotels or houses where the lack of space can be a serious problem.

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360 Cable Cross

3,470.00 with VAT / 2,798.39 without VAT

Out of stock

Cable cross smith

3,400.00 with VAT / 2,741.94 without VAT

Out of stock

F9 Fold-Away Strength Trainer

3,038.00 1,640.52

GearUp Dual Adjustable

3,000.00 with VAT / 2,419.35 without VAT

Only 4 left in stock

Single Pulley

2,108.00 with VAT / 1,700.00 without VAT

Only 5 left in stock