An athlete’s conditioning is incredibly important so that they are able to achieve the same levels of performance consistently both in their training and their sport.

At GearUp you may find cardio equipment, plyoboxes and speed ropes, that will enhance your training regardless of your level and experience.

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Air Runner


Battle Ropes


Concept 2 Rowers

1,221.40 with VAT / 985.00 without VAT

Concept2 SkiErg


Games Box

148.80 with VAT / 120.00 without VAT

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GearUp Air Bike

1,041.60 with VAT / 840.00 without VAT

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Row Trainer GearUp

1,004.40 with VAT / 810.00 without VAT

Out of stock

Sold outNew

Ski Trainer GearUp

1,054.00 with VAT / 850.00 without VAT

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Sled GearUp

372.00 with VAT / 300.00 without VAT

Small Plyo Box

99.20 with VAT / 80.00 without VAT

Soft Games Box

322.40 with VAT / 260.00 without VAT

In stock

Soft Plyobox 40x50x60 cm

186.00 with VAT / 150.00 without VAT

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