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Wall-mounted GU Rigs


  • Upright thickness : 3 mm
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) : 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 270 cm
  • Powder coating
  • Numbering : Etched next to every hole
  • Single long crossmember length : 170 cm
  • Double crossmember length : 170 cm
  • Single short crossmember length : 110 cm
  • Custom attachments or modifications can be arranged by contacting us by phone
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Wall-mounted GU Rigs

GearUp introduces the GU Rigs, a line of wall-mounted rigs with exceptional quality.

One of the primary advantages of the GU Rigs is that they make use of powder coating. In contrast to the classic sandblasting method that is currently used by most rigs in the market, powder coating renders our 3×3″ steel uprights incredibly durable for intense use and abrasions(from barbells, plates, collars etc.).

Furthermore, the uprights have easily discernible numbering etched on top with top-end laser technology, which will make setting up a barbell incredibly easy.

Last but not least, their robust dimensions(3mm in thickness and 7.5cm in both width and length) give our uprights a sturdy feel and guarantee optimal stability, which is of paramount importance in cases when many athletes are simultaneously performing kipping pullups, muscle-ups or other demanding exercises.

Every model of the GU Rig line(from GU1 up to GU5) has a predetermined number of big and small stations in an alternating fashion*.

The bigger stations(180cm in length) are used mostly for pullup exercises and their variations while the smaller ones(110cm in length)** can be used both for pullups and for the traditional barbell lifts like the bench press or the squat. At this point, it is worth noting that a barbell cannot be placed in the bigger stations due to its length. However, these openings have plenty of room for two athletes that perform pullup exercises at the same time.

*Depending on the available space and your specific needs,  it is possible you may want entirely different dimensions for your rig . GearUp undertakes both the design and the construction of all types of rigs with custom dimensions and attachments(e.g. wall ball target, dip attachment etc.) with obvious variations in the final cost of the product. Please contact us by phone, if you have any specific preference.

**The small stations in your rig require 2 J-Cups(per station) for supporting the barbell.

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Additional information

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