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GearUp HD Stallbar


  • Robust structure
  • New design
  • Upright thickness: 3 mm
  • 14 different wooden handles
  • Highest handle sticks out of the construct to enable a wider variety of exercises like pullups.
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GearUp HD Stallbar

Newly designed as a bolt-together unit the GearUp HD Stall Bars are an industrial adaptation of the Swedish Gymnastics Ladder.

Transformed into a heavy-duty durable and versatile training tool with steel uprights and  sturdy wood rungs, the GearUp Stall Bars can either be wall-mounted or rig-mounted.

  • The GU Wall Mount System includes 2 Uprights and 4 Wall Mounting Brackets. (Installation detail: Recommended only for secure concrete walls. The GU HDStall Bars may require additional support in order to be properly wall mounted so please contact our Support Team upon purchase to ensure all necessary steps are taken for successful installation. Stall Bars should NOT be used on drywall or metal studs.)
  • The GU Rig/Rack Mount – Includes all the necessary crossmembers and hardware to connect to any existing GU Rack/Rig (Installation detail: The GU HD Stall Bars can either added as a section to the back of a rack or to a single wide section of a rigFor greater stability and safety, the Stall Bars should only be mounted to a rig or rack that is securely fastened to the floor. If you have an existing GearUp Rig or Rack please contact our Support Team upon purchasing the Stall Bars to ensure all necessary steps are taken for successful installation.)


Each Stall Bar unit stands 2.7m tall, the rungs are 1.1 m wide and the 14 wooden rungs are spaced 14cm apart with the top one slightly in front of the rest.

Upgrade your training with this simple, customizable tool for targeted stretching and improvement of balance, flexibility, and core strength.

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GU Wall mount system, GU Rig & Rack mount

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