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Big Loop Band


  • Ideal for strengthening, rehabilitation, mobility exercises
  • Ideal for support and additional assistance in exercises such as traction
  • Ideal for longer workouts
  • They exercise the whole body
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • They do not take up space
  • Material: Latex
  • Resistance and width per band :
    • Υellow : 5- 10 lbs at 208cm x 4.5mm x 6.35mm
    • Red : 15- 25 lbs at 208cm x 4.5mm x 12.7mm
    • Black : 50 -75 lbs at  208cm x 4.5mm x 20.6mm 
    • Purple : 100 – 120 lbs at 208cm x 4.5mm*31.75mm
    • Green  :  120 -175 at 208cm x 4.5mm x 44.5mm
    • Blue : 175 – 230 lbs at 208cm x 4.5mm x 63.5mm
    • Orange  : 230 – 250 lbs  at 208cm x 4.5mm x 82.5mm

*Set : The orange loop is not included in the set

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The GearUp Big Loop Bands are an important training tool for every athlete.

These large loops are excellent for joint mobility techniques, stretching but also for warming up before performing demanding exercises such as Olympic lifts or traditional powerlifts (deadlift, squat, bench press).

In addition, they can be used for muscle strengthening or as an aid for athletes who cannot yet perform exercises such as pull-ups or muscle-ups.

They are economical and easy to store and transport, making them a good choice for practitioners who travel frequently or work out at home.

Made of premium latex, GearUp guarantees quality materials and increased durability.

The GearUp Big Loop Bands are offered in 7 different shades and resistances as a set (the orange loop is not included in the set).

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Additional information

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Big Loop Band

Υellow, Red, Black, Purple, Green, Blue , Orange  , Set

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