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At GearUp you may find a wide range of used plates and gym equipment. All of our used equipment is available at a 15% – 30% discount.

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Color Bumper Plates – Athens Throwdown (Used)


In stock

Dumbbells Elite GearUp – Athens Throwdown (Used)


In stock

Women’s Competition Bar 15kg – Athens Throwdown (Used)

238.08 with VAT / 192.00 without VAT

Only 8 left in stock

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GearUp Climbing Rope – Athens Throwdown (Used)

84.32 with VAT / 68.00 without VAT

Only 9 left in stock

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Women’s colored barbells 15kg – Athens Throwdown (Used)

248.00 with VAT / 200.00 without VAT

Only 10 left in stock

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