Wall Balls
Wall Balls have become a staple in most CrossFit WODs. They are used mainly in functional workouts, since the movement can be broken down to several partial movements. The initial squat is followed by an explosion upwards with a simultaneous extension of the arms to propel the ball.

In our store you may find three types of Wall Balls: the Versatile, the Classic and the Elite. The first one is the final and best version of the Wall Ball, since it combines the applications of the Wall Ball with the hardness of the Slam Ball. The ball is essentially 2-in-1. The other two types are more traditional Wall Balls that exhibit significant improvements over the others in the market.

All of our Wall Balls do not have any leakage issues due to their reinforced tarp and their filling type. You can be certain, that whichever of the following balls you choose they will last for a long time and for many intense workouts.

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Wall Ball


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Wall Ball Versatile

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