Slam Balls
The slam balls are being used a lot these past few years for functional workouts. Their value has been proven several times in terms of developing core explosiveness and this is why it is being integrated in WODs.

Wall or ground throws are functional movements that require an extremely strong core and stabilizing muscles in the legs. Also, the shape itself of the slam ball and the lack of a stable grip in contrast with dumbbells and kettlebells add an extra challenge and your core will have to work overtime in order to overcome it.

You need to be very cautious when choosing Slam Balls. A lower-quality Slam Ball could quickly lose centration and maybe even its filling rendering it useless.

In our store you may find three types of Slam Balls: traditional Slam Balls of 4,7 & 9 kg, the D-Balls between 20 and 65kg and medicine balls between 1 and 10kg.

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