Storage Racks

The storage racks you choose to use will determine how well your space is tidy and organized to a great extent.

At GearUp we offer a wide range of such storage racks that aim to store the equipment in your gym in as tidy a manner as possible. Our accessory rack, bag storage rack and wall ball rack will help you keep your gym clean and tidy and your athletes happy.

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Vertical Dummbells Rack GearUp

260.00 with VAT / 209.68 without VAT

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Bag storage rack

325.00 with VAT / 262.10 without VAT

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GearUp Flexi Rack


In stock

Wall Mount Rack for Studio Mats

31.00 with VAT / 25.00 without VAT

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Wall Ball Rack

253.89 with VAT / 204.75 without VAT

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Accessory Rack

80.00 with VAT / 64.52 without VAT

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