Dumbbells, Kettlebells & Training Bags

Dumbbells, kettlebells & training bags are necessary pieces of equipment for all gyms. Dumbbells are the modality of choice for numerous traditional weightlifting exercises, while kettlebells and functional training bags are more oriented towards functional Crosstraining-style workouts.

It is important to work in all three planes of motion if you looking to make your training more functional. This can be achieved with the help of such tools as the training bags which can incorporate sagittal, frontal and transverse planes in one integrated, multidimensional movement. In our store you may find bulgarian bags and power bags. Both these tools are suitable for such a training style.

In our store you will also find the traditional kettlebells which contribute to muscular development and explosiveness. As of right now we have two types of kettlebells that will cover all your athletic needs.

Below you will also find our hex dumbbells, which have replaced the traditional screw-style dumbbells in most gyms. These will allow you to execute several traditional strengthening exercises such as bench presses, bicep curls, shoulder abductions, squats and lunges.

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Dumbbells Elite GearUp – Athens Throwdown (Used)


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GearUp Loadable Dumbbells

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Dumbbells Elite GearUp


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Power Bag


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Bulgarian Bag


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Urethane Kettlebell


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